Lea Fabrikant . Interdisciplinary Artist

Born in Riga,

Grew up in Jerusalem,

Based in Berlin.


Composes, improvises and compiles expressions/errors in between sound , image and technology.




1990-2002 Piano, composition and choir lessons in the "Hassadna" Music Conservatory and the "Rubin" Academy of Music and Dance. Jerusalem, Israel

2009-2013 Photography studies in the „Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung”.
Berlin, Germany


Selected Exhibitions and Performances

08/2022 "Zo" A/V live performance, Studio 9294. London UK

08/2022 "Zo" A/V live performance, Morphine Raum, Berlin DE

06/2022 ´Argonouts´ performance group directed by Mike Hentz, Tree of Life "Odyssee", Kautzen AT

03/2022 "Zo" A/V live performance, Golf Festival, Haarlem NL

11/2021 Sound performance (solo), Madame Claude,    Berlin DE

11/2021 KLANGBOX/III_Zo cassette tape release, Feral Notes Label

10/2021 "Zo" A/V live performance, Sonar Istanbul, Istanbul TUR

09/2021 "Zo" A/V live performance, Flatpack Festival, Birmingham UK

09/2021  A/V live performance & KLANGBOX Installation,
Zora Auguste / Feral Note , Berlin DE

07/2021  ISM frequencies radio show ( for Refuge Worldwide radio)

12/2020 Zo - Ka'et ( for FACT Magazine)

10/2020 "Zo" A/V live performance, LCF Festival, Rome IT

10/2020 "Zo" A/V live performance, RAYO Festival, Madrid ES

01/2020 "Zo" A/V live performance, Feral Note Salon, Berlin DE

11/2019 "Zo" A/V live performance, iMAL AT WORK, Brussels BE

09/2019 "Zo" A/V live performance, TodaysArt Festival, the Hague NL

08/2019 Artist Residency with Tarik Barri, TodaysArt, the Hague NL

06/2019 Sound performance with Ansgar Wilken, Unlimited Liability gallery, Hamburg DE

06/2019 Solo imporovisation in audible expressions, Famous Grapes Sessions, ACUD Studio, Berlin DE

04/2019 Curation of "We were never apart" - visual music night, STRP Festival, Eindhoven NL

08/2018 Live A/V Performance with Tarik Barri, SYNTHPOSIUM Festival, Moscow RU

08/2018 Sound performance with Ansgar Wilken, Unlimited Liability gallery, Hamburg DE

05/2018 "Unter einem Dach" group exhibition (photography), Berlin DE

11/2017 Live A/V Performance with Tarik Barri, SPEKTRUM, Berlin DE

09/2017 "Kombinat" group exhibition (photography), Berlin DE

08/2017 Live A/V Performance with Tarik Barri, Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam NL

07/2017 Solo performance & DJ - set , Komēta Festival, Riga LV

06/2017 Live A/V Performance with Tarik Barri, Sonar Festival, Barcelona ES

05/2017 Live A/V Performance with Tarik Barri, Mapping Festival, Geneva CH

11/2016 Live A/V performance with Tarik Barri, Loop Festival, Berlin DE

02/2016 “hitàmut” solo photogtaphy exhibition, Donau115, Berlin DE

11/2015 “Die Lichtenberg Norm” group exhibition (photography), Galerie Zwitschermaschine, Berlin. DE

07/2015 “thxkbs” solo photography exhibition, Donau115, Berlin DE

04-06/2015 "Wald" photography for Pole/MFO AV performances (Inkonst Malmö SE, Mutek Montreal CA, Kremwerk Seattle US, Le Laboratoire Cambridge/Boston US)  

10/2014 “Übergang. Erinnerung” group exhibition (photography), Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin DE

10/2014 Terzett (Live piano Performance),   Authorized Access Festival  (LNISB Festival), Berlin DE

08/2014 “Versum” (Live A/V Performance), International Contemporary Art Festival, Bomb Gallery, Mostar BA

01/2014 “Versum” (Live A/V Performance), Panke, Berlin DE

12/2013 “Versum” (Live A/V Performance), Madeiradig Festival, Madeira PT

11/2013 AK gang trio (Live piano Performance), “Restriction/Restraint/Rebirth” LNISB Festival , Berlin DE

10/2013 “Sieben” - Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung graduation exhibition (photography), Uferhallen, Berlin DE

10/2013 "yulka" (photography) / Slow Travel Berlin

05/2013 “Versum” (Live A/V Performance), KW/Feed, Berlin DE

04/2013 “Versum” (Live A/V Performance), Arc Festival, Bristol UK

03/2013 „Versum“ (Live A/V Performance), Electrochoc Festival, Lyon FR

02/2013 „Versum” (Live A/V Performance), CTM festival, Berlin DE

11/2012 „Versum“ (LiveA/V Performance), Feed, Berlin DE

10/2012 "Mouth" Zine 18 (Dylan Bakker)

10/2012 „Traumwelt“ group exhibition (photography and Installation), Berlin DE

05/2011 „Deutsche Show“ group exhibition (photography), Divus, Prague CZ

11/2011 „NACHTUNDNEBEL“ group exhibition (photography), Die Frühperle, Berlin DE

05/2010 „NEGLECTED“ group exhibition (photography and Installation), Berlin DE

01/2010 „de:frost“ Art Festival, audiovisual composition with Itzik Mor, Jerusalem IL

07/2009 "Mouth" Zine 6 (Dylan Bakker)

05/2009 "Mouth" Zine 5 (Dylan Bakker )